Hi. I'm Candi, 21, from the UK. Currently in my third and final year studying Geography at university.

 I'm a daughter to two amazing parents, a sister to three somewhat annoying older brothers, an auntie to four wonderful, intelligent and beautiful human beings. And a friend to a crazy bunch of amazing people, who you'll probably get to know along this journey if you stick along with me. I love running, playing sports and getting my blood pumping. I love reading, writing, being around my family and friends and reminiscing. I love the sound of laughter, and capturing smiles on camera. I love hiking and visiting beautiful places. I love exploring and trying new things. I love music, listening to it, playing it and singing along to it. I adore the feeling of relaxing after a hard days work, with a cup of tea and an episode of Grey's Anatomy.

This blog is a place for me to ramble about life, reminisce about my travels and geek out occasionally about Geography related things.




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